Apple and oat muffins

These mini-ish apple and oat muffins are so tasty and not too sweet… they could just about pass for a breakfast (serve with extra fruit and greek yoghurt) or a healthy-ish snack! Alternatively, to make more indulgent, you could toss the chopped apple in dark brown sugar to coat before stirring into the batter. more “Apple and oat muffins”

Harvest at Cliftonhill Farm

An unseasonably dry April meant for a later then normal germination.  The rain finally arrived to everyone’s relief, and then in June it wouldn’t stop!  A pleasant summer with warm days and sunshine  helped to produce another cracking crop.  We harvested in late August, and we are pleased with the quality and the yield of this year’s crop!

Look out for it on the shelves near you soon!


A few porridge ideas for your Eden Valley Oats. Although our porridge oats are delicious the traditional Scottish way (think made with water, add salt and milk to eat!), don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Skirlie or Scottish stuffing or Gaga Small’s oatmeal stuffing

This brings back fond memories from my childhood days! I can still smell the very plump roast chicken and nutty oatmeal stuffing wafting round  Gaga and Papa Small’s farmhouse kitchen on Vicarsford Farm near Leuchars in Fife.

Back in the day we only had one day out in the term so you can imagine the treat of a home cooked meal. Gaga Small was a marvellous cook and did a lot of it and wouldn’t see anyone go hungry.

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