Apple and oat muffins

These mini-ish apple and oat muffins are so tasty and not too sweet… they could just about pass for a breakfast (serve with extra fruit and greek yoghurt) or a healthy-ish snack! Alternatively, to make more indulgent, you could toss the chopped apple in dark brown sugar to coat before stirring into the batter. more “Apple and oat muffins”


A few porridge ideas for your Eden Valley Oats. Although our porridge oats are delicious the traditional Scottish way (think made with water, add salt and milk to eat!), don’t be afraid to experiment!

more “Porridge!”

Cheese and chilli oat biscuits

These aren’t like typical oatcakes, they’re more like lovely, crumbly, savoury, cheesy biscuits. We just ate these ones on their own as pre-dinner snacks with drinks, but they would also be great with cheese – maybe even a strong one as the cheese flavour of the biscuits is quite mild – or just a bit of chutney on the top. If you want a variation the original recipe uses cayenne pepper instead of chilli flakes or you could even combine both! more “Cheese and chilli oat biscuits”