Harvest at Cliftonhill Farm

An unseasonably dry April meant for a later then normal germination.  The rain finally arrived to everyone’s relief, and then in June it wouldn’t stop!  A pleasant summer with warm days and sunshine  helped to produce another cracking crop.  We harvested in late August, and we are pleased with the quality and the yield of this year’s crop!

Look out for it on the shelves near you soon!

10 days from harvest

It looks as though we are still 10 days from harvest.

We just need the green stalk and oats to turn a golden yellow shade and we will be ready to go! Not long!

Oats harvest update – August 2016

The late season and showery weather is holding crops back from ripening and we are about ten days later than a normal year. The oats are holding their colour and senescing slowly which hopefully will help the grains fill. There looks to be plenty grains on each ear with and there is plenty promise for the harvest.