Cheese and chilli oat biscuits

These aren’t like typical oatcakes, they’re more like lovely, crumbly, savoury, cheesy biscuits. We just ate these ones on their own as pre-dinner snacks with drinks, but they would also be great with cheese – maybe even a strong one as the cheese flavour of the biscuits is quite mild – or just a bit of chutney on the top. If you want a variation the original recipe uses cayenne pepper instead of chilli flakes or you could even combine both! more “Cheese and chilli oat biscuits”

10 days from harvest

It looks as though we are still 10 days from harvest.

We just need the green stalk and oats to turn a golden yellow shade and we will be ready to go! Not long!

Skirlie or Scottish stuffing or Gaga Small’s oatmeal stuffing

This brings back fond memories from my childhood days! I can still smell the very plump roast chicken and nutty oatmeal stuffing wafting round  Gaga and Papa Small’s farmhouse kitchen on Vicarsford Farm near Leuchars in Fife.

Back in the day we only had one day out in the term so you can imagine the treat of a home cooked meal. Gaga Small was a marvellous cook and did a lot of it and wouldn’t see anyone go hungry.

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Oats harvest update – August 2016

The late season and showery weather is holding crops back from ripening and we are about ten days later than a normal year. The oats are holding their colour and senescing slowly which hopefully will help the grains fill. There looks to be plenty grains on each ear with and there is plenty promise for the harvest.

Double oat banana crumble cake

One day I just felt like making something with bananas (and oats, of course!) and went to one of my favourite blogs in search of inspiration – and here it was! This double oat banana crumble cake (double because it uses oats in the batter as well as the crumble) is definitely more of an afternoon tea banana cake than a brunch time banana bread… and adding the crumble topping tips it squarely into indulgent territory. It makes lots of slices and lasts for a good few days so you can keep putting that health kick off until at least the end of the week.

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